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External syslog logging support

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External syslog logging support
Feature request for external logging to a remote syslog server.  Beyond the usual security related items like logins/logouts of the root user, and any other important goings on to the device deemed useful, I am particular interested in knowing where the inbound internet traffic on the WAN comes from.  Right now everything just sources from the WAN address as it is what I assume is NATting the mesh IPs to the WAN address.  Kernel iptables logging exists and is really useful via syslog, but that me not be how you've implemented it.
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Ke8hlu,  I'll look to capture
Ke8hlu,  I'll look to capture this in github where we track enhancement requests.   Capturing logs to a remote IP address may put traffic over RF depending on routing.  We'd have to be careful to not burden the link too much.

Yep, care would be taken to
Yep, care would be taken to point it at a syslog server that is on the LAN.
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I am also interested in this capability, monitoring and alerting seems like a very strong use case along with the security implications.

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