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Extend Aredn into Coachella Valley

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Extend Aredn into Coachella Valley
I learned last weekend that Aredn have a node that is pointing into Coachella Valley from San Bernardino. What equipment is needed to extend the network into Coachella valley and then continue towards Phoenix? I hope someone can suggest a complete setup and about how much it will cost.

This is correct
This is correct, last Friday September, 15 Andre, K6AH and I took an expedition to Snow Peak and began locating nodes to create a link to Redlands as well as points east. We will be positioning two 5.8 Ghz sectors providing coverage of the east and west sides of San Jacinto. To the east we will cover Palm Springs and Cochella and to the west we will cover Banning, Beaumont, Cherry Valley and some points south. 

We still need to make a return trip as more pipe stand-offs were needed. Hopefully we will return within the next three weeks.

As to your question of equipment needed for access you will wat 5.8ghz. My preference is always the Nanobride as it is a tighter pattern than the nanostation so I typically see better throughput as it focuses all its energy and a single point rather than spraying accross a 90+ degree field. The cost is pretty darn comparable. For the node you will be looking at between $90 and $120. What you add from there, phones, Pi, managed swithes, etc is up to you. What is your location and potential interest in helping extend east? Our next hop would likely be Indio Hill or Cactus City. The most likely will be into Indio Hill and then to Cactus. 

Keith - AI6BX

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