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Explosion of activity

In February of this year I gave a presentation on mesh network to SBARC, the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club.  At that time, there was no mesh networking going on in the area.  Apparently I ignited a spark :-)

Fast forward to today - they have a mesh network that extends for 60 miles (using Gibraltar and Santa Ynez Peaks) covering 60% of the county with plans to finish coverage by the end of this year.  They have 20+ users, various services including things like webcams, weather stations, NTP servers, webSDR receivers, and VOIP available.  It's all on 2.4 GHz now, but they will be putting up their first 3 GHz link in a few weeks.
We also hope to link Santa Barbara County to Ventura County to the southeast this fall.

Contacts:  KA6SOX, K6BPM, K6LUD

***sniff**  I'm so proud :-D



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Great job Orv and rest of SBC
Great job Orv and rest of SBC!
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Wahoo!    I'm eager to
Wahoo!    I'm eager to connect up from Verdugo to Pleasants Pk.    Are you ready?
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Ready but...

We're working an L.A contact to get from Chatsworth to Verdugo. Funding for the eastward link from Verdugo to Pleasants remains an issue... :-/

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And I'm eager to get San
And I'm eager to get San Diego connected to OC!  WoooooHooooo!


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