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Error Flashing a Nanostation Loco M2

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Error Flashing a Nanostation Loco M2
Okay guys,

I am relatively new to Mesh. I have successfully flashed a Rocket M2 recently.

I ran the boot test and got a GOOD-GOOD message. I then attempted to flash the Nano with the AREDN software. After it was complete, the nano is unresponsive and not able to be accessed.

I have tried the recovery method and the nano does go into Recovery mode, but when I tried to upload the firmware, I get a 'server error'.

Eric, K7ELH
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Eric,    NSM2, NSM5-XM, NSM5
Eric,    NSM2, NSM5-XM, NSM5-XW?     There are 2 firmware options to use depending on the device.  Which specific AREDN firmware was uploaded and which device is it?
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These are the files I used..

These are the files I used..


When I tried the recovery, I uploaded this one:

I didn't see any of those model numbers on the unit. I did take a pic of the label though (attached).



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interesting.  This is an M2
interesting.  This is an M2 device and we haven't seen any "XW" versions of this in the wild.
Are you certain that you downgraded AirOS with the XW.v5.5.10-u2.28005.150723.1358.bin file?
If it still has AirOS installed on the device, ssh (putty) into it and report back what the command prompt shows.
  • set your IP to
  • ssh/putty to (ubnt/ubnt for username/pass)

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