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Enabling Ham frequencies in the source.

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Enabling Ham frequencies in the source.

I'm hoping a dev. here or just somebody knowledgeable/familiar could give me a few pointers in where to look in the source.  
Where is the magic of enabling our ham frequencies actually done versus generic AREDN openwrt source tree?  
I'm digging and looking through files and just trying to make sense of it and learn how this is done.  
I realize some of this is sensitive to some people and you might not want to exactly post a step by step in a public forum for fear
that non-responsibles might go and compile stuff that might interfere with and cause problems.  

I'm in the process of learning how this all works, and this is where I have to start by asking a few basic questions.  

It also looks like I need to install the build environment which will pull down "more source code" that I'm not seeing 
in the main repository just clicking aroudn with a browser?  

Is all of this magic done completely in the atheros drivers alone?   
Or is it a combination of both.  

Also not being super familiar with stuff, is the Atheros firmware always loaded into RAM in the wireless interface/chipset somehow?  
Or does it actually reside on the wireless chipset itself in ROM or EEPROM?   

Some of the older stuff I used to work on required you to flash the firmware right onto the "card" itself.  
Prism2 and 2.5.   

Yep it's been awhile for me.  




Please and thanks.  

Please and thanks.  
Just some high level ideas on where/how this is done. 
I would like to start to familiarize myself with how this works and what pieces 
need to be changed to make it work.  
 Starting with just seeing how AREDN did it and where.  

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did you review patch 701?

did you review patch 701?

No I have not and I didn't

No I have not and I didn't know to do this.  
I am looking now.  
I'm not really familiar with this yet or how it works.  
Not yet familiar with the structure or the compiling or pre-compiler commands.  

No idea what a + or ++ 
does or a 

"+ ++"   at the start of each line.  

Also I'm unclear if this entire thing is somehow built "against" some kind of standard openwrt source tree.  
Where as what is displayed as the AREDN source is simply "patches" or differences that are applied to another set of 
source to make it ARDEN.  
If that makes any kind of sense what I am asking.  

Anyhow I am looking at this and I didn't know to look here before you asked.  

I will figure out mroe as I give things a try here.  
I have not got that far yet.  


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