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Empty wifi scan

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Empty wifi scan

I've search multiple places and haven't found any similar posts. I just installed 3.21.4 on a new LHG 2 and it can't see my HAP AC. It actually can't see anything. When I look at the wifi scan, it's empty. No AP's are shown. I've tried changing various settings, but nothing changes. I've also looked at the support log and can see wlan0 is initiated, so I think that means it should be working. Does anyone have any suggestions or troubleshooting ideas?



I knew that would happen. I would post here because I was stuck, then figure it out myself. smiley

For future reference: apparently after changing the bandwidth from 20 mhz to 10 mhz and rebooting once, the HAP didn't change the ssid, even though the GUI said it did. I SSH'd into my HAP and found this:

root@AA0QQ-HAPAC:~# iw wlan1 info
Interface wlan1
ifindex 11
wdev 0x100000002
addr b8:69:f4:d6:d1:e4
ssid AREDN-20-v3
type IBSS
wiphy 1
channel -2 (2397 MHz), width: 20 MHz, center1: 2397 MHz
txpower 22.00 dBm
multicast TXQ:
qsz-byt qsz-pkt flows drops marks overlmt hashcol tx-bytestx-packets
0 0 7363 0 0 0 0 661820 7363

Without changing anything, ​I applied the settings again, and saved again, then rebooted again. When it rebooted this time, the ssid was AREDN-10-v3 and the LHG was able to connect.

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