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Elsinore Peak

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Elsinore Peak
Hello, Can anyone tell me if the Elsinore Peak nodes are facing the direction of Lake Perris? My wife works at a school "May Ranch" I have an extra 2.4 Ghz I was thinking of using there. Please let me know what bands might work. i.e. 2.4 3.4.or 5.8Ghz

Thanks, David 
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David,   There's a couple of
David,   There's a couple of nodes, both 2Ghz and 3Ghz, with 120 deg sector panels pointing towards Perris Reservoir.    If you're near this reservoir, it is past half way to Redlands site and may have shorter path coverage into there.   Elisnore nodes are Andre's K6AH.   He'll resurface in a few weeks.  Redland nodes contact is Keith AI6BX.  Jim AG6IF is another contact in the area with several nodes connecting into Elisnore.

Joe AE6XE   
Thanks Joe, I didn't even
Thanks Joe, I didn't even think to look to the north. 


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