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EdgeSwitch 10XP POE Spec

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EdgeSwitch 10XP POE Spec
   I would like to know the POE spec on a EdgeSwitch 10XP? The reason for the question does if have the specification on handling a Ubiquiti Rocket M5 Omni that has a Rocket M2 POE that is getting the power from the M5? 
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POE spec on a EdgeSwitch 10XP?

Hi, Dan:

I am guessing that you are concerned about the supplied amperage while using AREDN-POE-passthrough.

Max. Passive PoE Wattage per Port 15W

Doing some math with that I get maximum current per port = 0.625 amperes at 24 volts.
That may be enough to power 2 Wi-Fi devices, but maybe not 3. :-|


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