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Duck DNS update script as cron job on node

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Duck DNS update script as cron job on node

Hi everyone,

Currently, our ARES team has four nodes that are able to create tunnels. The problem is they are all on Dynamic IP's. My plan is to set up domains on Duck DNS (or another DynDNS alternative). One option that Duck DNS offers is using a bash script and cron job on Linux. Has anyone used this on the node itself, as opposed to a computer or other device running behind the node? The one potential issue that I can see is their script writes to a log file, but I would think if the domain is accessible, then that can be removed.

Our nodes are the MikroTik hAP ac Lite's. So, my question is would this be a workable solution (if I remove the logging command)? Or should we install it on a separate device that's connected to the node?

Thanks and have a great day. :)

P.S. For reference, here's the  information on the installation script

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Tunnel clients do not need dynamic dns

Hi, Patrick:

Is it practical to have these '4 ARES team nodes' tunnels be clients?
If yes, then they do not need dynamic DNS.
Only the 'server' end needs to have a resolvable domain or static IP.
I hope this helps,

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