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Dual SSID from one router

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Dual SSID from one router

We are doing a field day test and would like to have several computer connector to one WIFI.   Then we need to relay it out to the Arden node to collect the data from the computers. The way I would like to work this is with a dual SSID Wifi router.  Does Arden software support dual SSID to use on router.  

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AREDN not a WIFI Router
AREDN isn't a WIFI Router.  WIFI routers can be connected to an AREDN node on the LAN ports and they can have any SSID you choose to use.  The AREDN SSID must be set to that of all other AREDN nodes a node communicates directly with over RF, for example "AREDN-10-v3 " which says: I'm an ARDEN node and I'm transmitting with a 10MHz bandwidth using protocol version 3.
I understand and I believe
I understand and I believe Aredn is a protocol running on a supported Wifi routers. Can the software support both a SSID to connect to the Arden network and a SSID to connect the local computers.  The idea is one piece of hardware to put a few computers on the Aredn network.  
Already has the 2nd SSID for LAN AP

Here is the link to doc explaining the 2nd SSID for the LAN AP:  ​

Yes I have read the getting
Yes I have read the getting started guide but its not targeted to what we are simulating,  The idea is to drop a group somewhere then connect the computers to the Aredn network. The goal is to use the least amount of hardware to make connection.  The getting started is aimed at getting on at your shack and that is a completely different problem.  This is why a dual SSID is needed to use one piece of hardware.  
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Let's see
You might accomplish what it appears that you want by using the dual band hAP AC Lite Mikrotik AREDN Mesh node at the logging location.  You will need one for ever three devices connected. You would then use the 5Ghz wirreless to get you back to the remote location.  I would use another of the same Mesh nodes if the distance is not too long.  Then you could also connect to the internet if desired.  
Require hardware with two radios
As James W8ERW said, the Mikrotik hAP ac lite meets the requirement of having dual radios in a single device, as does the GL.iNet AR750.  They are both good local connection nodes for multiple computers which can then relay traffic across to nearby AREDN nodes that achieve longer links.  You could also equip your computers with GL.iNET USB150 devices which allows the computers themselves to talk directly to nearby AREDN nodes.
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It isn't clear what your objective might be.  Are you wishing to incorporate an AREDN Mesh into your plans or trying to accomplish a perceived network arrangement?  It isn't clear why dual SSID's are necessary.  It appears you need  multiple station logging for Field Day and want to get that data back to another location.  A properly configured AREDN Mesh network should be able to do that without dual SSID's.  I would also suggest not using wireless to connect your logging stations, but rather the wired Mesh Node ports. Do you currently have Mesh hardware to deploy?  A bit more detail would help with a good recommendation for you.
I like the idea of two radios
I like the idea of two radios in the unit to keep everything wireless.  What we are doing is allowing the computers to just connect to the "Hot Spot" then connect to the mesh network Aredn.  it takes the burden off the computers and puts it on us to get them connected.  Once we have this working we will present it our clubs to help understand how to use Aredn works in an emergency.    
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I will offer up what i do at
I will offer up what i do at the w6cus fd site. On top a 5ghz AREDN node. On bottom a bullet M2 plugged directly into a 120deg sector antenna for site coverage as an AP. All the stations 2A + gota conect to the AP and get an ip adress from the mesh nodes lan pool. We run n3fjp networked. The 2 nodes are powered by a 12v 50w solar pannel and 26ah battery. mounted on a mast i park it all on a hill top just above the central area of our site.
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We should Talk
I fear you are coming up with some hard design parameters that are going to make you walk all the way around the block to get to the house next door.
Unless you have some issue that is demanding the configuration you seem to be looking for, AREDN should handle this without complicating your setup.
Not knowing exactly what you are wanting to do, I'm not able to give you much help with this.  If you care to do so, send me your contact info and I will call you to see if we can't get you where you are going without reinventing.  
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