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Dual Band MIMO Sector Antenna

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Dual Band MIMO Sector Antenna

I spotted this antenna from ITElite.  It's the PRO-SEC-XL24/50DP.    It's a dual band (2.4/5.8 GHz) MIMO Sector antenna.  The product info is here.
The antenna has an internal space for radios.  That model is for two Mikrotik Routerboards.   I inquired about space for Ubiquiti Rockets and  they informed me that yes, they have a model that will house two Rockets internally.  The model number for that version is PRO-SEC-XL24/50DP-u

ITElite products are sourced from the usual vendors.   I asked Baltic Networks and they said yes they could get them.  The price seems very reasonable - about $150.  That's about the same as one single band sector antenna.  This could be very useful where tower space is restricted.   Antenna performance seems OK, but I'm interested in other opinons about this product.  I'd buy one but I don't have a current need (or the cash...)

Here's the antenna:

And here's a picture of the housing for the radios (this is the model for Ubiquiti Rockets:


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