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DtDLink across multiple VLANs

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DtDLink across multiple VLANs

If we're given an arbitary VLAN to use for DtD linking, I assume we just copy and modify the network config stanza from eth0.2 to eth0.whatever?  Any other gotchas?

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at least one hard coding

at least one hard coding elsewhere in perl that makes this problematic.  

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Hard-coded DtDLink

Bummer - shall I put that in as an enhancement request?   Not having it will prevent us from taking advantage of existing networks.

A key aspect of DTDLink is

A key aspect of DTDLink is its expected to always be on vlan2 on the device so that ANY device that plugs into it can always assume to always be in touch with the mesh. Changing that in my mind should be avoided whenever possible.

A few questions to ask yourself not knowing what deployment plans you have in mind: What your attempting to do can it and should it be done with tunnels instead ? The path your going over is it going to be lossless? (DTDLink is intended for lossless networks like direct connects or campus networks) Can the local network do a VLAN translation instead ? (At the switch of the existing network: if vlan is 2 translate it to whatever network it needs to be and relay it through the network under that ID) Are you just getting a drop line? If so you could use a port on a smart switch as vlan2 Untagged and that will link onto the existing hard drop and the existing network handles it from there.  How about a Q-in-Q tag as well ? (The existing network basically gives you your own 100% isolated VLAN space).   Just. A few ideas to think on

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Node linking

Thanks for the input, Conrad.  We're looking at all the possibilities you mentioned.   The linking is being done via HP Pro-Curve switches and it looks like they have the capabilities we need.




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