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DTD Link port for NSM5XW with nightly build?

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DTD Link port for NSM5XW with nightly build?
I have a brand new NSM5 with the XW hardware.  I followed the procedure to downgrade the AirOS, and then installed AREDN-develop-143-bbeabbfe-ubnt-nano-m-xw-squashfs-factory.bin nightly build.

It came up nicely, I configured it as required, then turned off DHCP and rebooted it.
With a static IP on my PC, I can still see it, but when I connect it to my switch with the other nodes, I don't see it as expected.
I've tried both the Main and Secondary Ports but the node doesn't appear as a DtD link.

Am I doing something wrong?


On XW devices its on the
On XW devices its on the Secondary Port only for DTDLink and Wan  (the primary port is LAN only)

To rule out your switch config you can plug the lan port into your PC, and plug the DtDLink port direct to your other mesh device.
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Secondary port address?
So to clarify - POE & LAN on Main, and DtD link on Secondary?   So two Ethernet cables required?

Also, is the Secondary port still identified as eth0?  I see an eth0.2 with an IP address of  That's pingable from my PC plugged into Main of course, but not pingable from another PC plugged into the switch, with the NSM5XW connected via the Secondary port.
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This is same behavior as 3.16
This is same behavior as  The nightly hasn't changed it.

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