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Good Morning Group,

I ran into a new hiccup the other day. At one of our user sites we are using a GLI-750 as a in shack node connected to a rooftop Ubiquity M2 Rocket. We have always set these up in the following configuration and not had a problem. We have the users local internet going to the WAN port of the GLI-750. The LAN port goes to an unmanaged switch for device access and the center port goes directly to the second rooftop node in the DTD configuration. 

With this user I can boot the roof top node and log in direct and all will work as designed. I can also log into the shack node and it works as designed as well. Once I plug the rooftop node into the center DTD port I will see it connect as 100% LQ DTD in the mesh status then it will reject it and be gone. It will work for a bit then something happens.

After talking to some one with much more IT knowledge than my self he mentioned tagged and untagged packets as a point of conversation. I guess the question is will the GLI-750 work as I am trying to use it with the DTD feature or am I missing something.

Thanks in advance!

Replicated your setup

Andy, I replicated your setup on my AR750 and the UI shows the IP address of the other node connected on port 2 but does not show the link being DtD.  However, when I grab sysinfo.json it does show the linkType as DtD (http://localnode.local.mesh/cgi-bin/sysinfo.json?link_info=1).  I'm going to upgrade both nodes to the latest nightly build to see if it makes any difference.

Working okay now
I just upgraded the DtD node to NB #1674 and after the upgrade it now displays the nodename and DtD correctly in the UI.  Not sure exactly why, but upgrading the node helped.
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Check the archives about this
Check the archives about this one.  I seem to recall reading that with one of the firmware changes, the ports re-arranged.  Sorry, I don't remember details as I don't have any of that type of equipment.
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The documentation on the ar750 port functions was corrected .

Ports, left to right, WAN, DtD, LAN.
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I think I know what you want

I do not have a Rocket, but...
I set up an AR750 with
WAN connected to my home LAN 192.168.0.x
LAN connected to my laptop
DtD connected to Mikrotik-uAP, Mikrotik SXTsq, Ubiquiti M900, then Ubiquiti locoM2

The AR750 showed a local LAN address and DtD links to each of the above DtD devices.

"will the GLI-750 work"?
Yes, it will work like this.


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