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Does MeshPhone have * codes?

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Does MeshPhone have * codes?

Incoming calls to my MeshPhone number rings my phone once and then goes straight to voicemail. Is there a star code to disable this? Does MeshPhone have any star codes?

David - N5MXI

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Star Codes

Hello David,

No, the MeshPhone network itself does not use any star codes. However, your local pbx package may support them. Your local pbx operator can give you more information.

In your case, your phone is on a virtual pbx located in North Carolina. Since I run that pbx, your answer is no, star codes are not used.

I placed a call to your extension to see what is going on. When the call attempted to reach your extension, your phone returned a busy condition (SIP response code 486 "Busy Here"). Do you have `Do Not Disturb` activated? After the busy condition was received, the call then went to your voicemail.

73, Mark, N2MH

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Do Not Disturb?

Howdy Mark,
I don't think I have DND active. If I do I don't know how to deactivate it. I using a Grandstream HT701 ATA for my connection.
I'm also not able to access my voicemail.

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My little dinky ATA has * commands. Just googled and found out. DND was active and I fixed it. 
Thanks for your help.
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Star codes

Hi, David:

In addition to your phone/ata;
your FreePBX, IncrediblePBX,...whatever
trunk may have star codes configured.
I was good that Mark can watch (and understand!) asterisk responses.

73, Chuck


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