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Documentation in Spanish

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Documentation in Spanish

Hi all

From EMCOM EA ( we would like help the project translation the documentation to spanish.
Would be possible to have a fork from the original repo (documentation) to documentation-ES in order to work in this translation?

Thanks in advances
Kind regards

Alex Casanova (EA5HJX)

I have created a fork of the docs

In order to start rolling, i have taken the liberty of forking the docs repo. This shall be a temporary solution until we get a proper way to do it.
You can find the fork with some to none work done at this link:

Maybe some other Spanish speaking hams want to collaborate but are not so familiar with git, that is why i have added to the readme a section explaining how to use the github editor. This is a perfect opportunity to help with the project even if you are not very git savvy.

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We will create a git repo for

We will create a git repo for you to add your work.  Let us know how else we can assist you.

Thank you for your efforts.

Andre, K6AH
Project Manager
The AREDN Project

Many thanks Andre. I prefer

Many thanks Andre. I prefer to centralize the documentation on the AREDN github repo. And to use the read-the-docs system to present the translation.

Kind regards
Alex Casanova (EA5HJX)

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I can help.

I will help translate some of the documentation when I have time. If you display a link for us, I will pull up a document that needs translation and change it, then save it in Spanish at that same link.

Los ayudaré a traducir algunos documentos cuando tenga tiempo. Si nos muestra un link, abriré un documento que necesita traducción y lo cambiaré. Al completar los documentos, lo guardaré en español en el mismo link.

-Damon K9CQB

Thanks Damon, I appreciate a

Thanks Damon, I appreciate a lot your collaboration.Many many thanks
Muchas gracias Damon, agradezco mucho tu colaboración

Kind regards
Alex Casanova (EA5HJX)

Process for ES docs

Once the Spanish team has​ their local copy of the English docs to use as templates, they should also fork the documentation_es repository. Once there are new Spanish language files to add to the documentation_es repository, they would move them to their local fork of the ES repo, commit them and create a GitHub pull request in the aredn/ES repo.  The GitHub admin team manages the merges into the new repository after the Pull Request (PR) has been reviewed.  Thanks very much, Darryl. yes

English templates already available in documentation_es repo

Darryl is very quick!  He already has all of the English language files in the ES repository to use as templates as needed.  All you need to do is fork that one repository (documentation_es) and everything should be there for you.

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