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DNS resolver for macOS and Windows

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DNS resolver for macOS and Windows
Hi all! Happy New Year (almost)!

I have a MacBook as my daily driver that's connected to a wired network through a dock, and the Mikrotik hAP Wi-Fi for AREDN use. If I have both interfaces active and the wired network is highest in the network order, I can't get to the `local.mesh` nodes. If I switch the order, the mesh nodes can be seen, but *all* internet traffic also goes through the hAP and nothing hits the wired connection.

I went a-Googling and ran across this article that seems to still work for current macOS installations:

All you need to do is create a folder called `/etc/resolver`, then create a file called `local.mesh` in it with the search name and DNS nameserver IP address for your local node. Here's mine:

# 2022-12-27 - N8SQT - Set up resolver for AREDN mesh (local.mesh)
search local.mesh

This way, I leave the wired connection at the top of the list to pick up general Internet traffic and Wi-Fi next for AREDN traffic. 

The article also links to another for Windows:

The extra bonus is for my WSJT-X / FLRIG / GridTracker / RumLogNG / HamClock (on separate RPi) setup. In order to have the HamClock pick up the WSJT-X call info, I have to use the broadcast address. Before this, I was getting two log entries as RumLog heard both network adapters. Now, it only gets the one on my 172.x.x.x wired network.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone.


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