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DNS issues on clean install

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DNS issues on clean install

I have an Airrouter flashed with firmware, I've added tunnel clients, and local services, but on the mesh status page on all URI's I get the same 'cannot resolve host' in fact if I type into a browser (on the mesh) <callsign>-air.local.mesh:8080 it won't resolve that either I have to do it by IP address. So can anyone tell me what I've configured or not configured incorrectly


Check your computer
Check your computer configuration, make sure it's using the mesh node as it's DNS server.

Its possible you have configuured it in the past to use different DNS servers, DNS needs to be routed to the mesh node.

If your using a laptop also try disabling your WIFI to be sure that is not interfering as well.
Thanks for that, I'd not
Thanks for that, I'd not thought of it being a pc issue :) Darn I feel stupid now, but at least I've learned something

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No worries.  Everyone is
No worries.  Everyone is learning.

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