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Disable Default Route question

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Disable Default Route question

 Good evening, 

First, thank you for this great resource. My primary interest is to provide connectivity for HSRFPD with other emergency services here in the Willamette Valley. 
 I'm new to all this, and have a question concerning the Disable Default Route checkbox. I have a 900mhz N7SNW node connected to W7WZA's Washburn heights node. I've set my Wired and wireless connections to operate simultaneously on my secondary Shack computer, a Linux box. 
 The wired nic in the laptop is on the net-10 mesh, and I have the wireless nic connected to my home network for Internet and printer access. 

 Will the Disable Default Route allow the laptop to access the wireless home network for non-net 10 traffic, and what kind of behavior can I expect when attempting to access resources on the mesh? My networking experience is a bit limited, and I don't want to break the connection to the Mesh, but to access the outside world I have to disconnect the cat cable or disable the wired network. (For instance, when installing TeamTalk, or updating software on the Laptop's Linux Mint installation.)

 Is this what the check box is for?

 Thank you!

Halsey, OR

The disable default route
The disable default route removes the  network advertisement via DHCP, it however keeps and

Basically this means with a default route ( coming from the other interface  internet based packets shall go out that network instead of heading to the mesh node.   Anything in the mesh address space should go out via the mesh node (the exception is that if the network on wifi happens to be a smaller allocation than advertised above it will take priority and be routed that way, so if possible keep and off the wifi)

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