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Dinner Meeting with Four Clubs

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Dinner Meeting with Four Clubs
Last Thursday, October 20th, a dinner meeting was held at a local restaurant with members of four local clubs attending.  Represented were the North Baldwin ARC, Deep South ARC, Dixie ARC, and Mobile ARC.  We did a very informal presentation on local efforts to build an AREDN network in our area which was well received.  K4JIE and N4RT brought a few Ubiquiti units for a sort of "show and tell" and one NanoBridge unit that was already flashed with the AREDN firmware was purchased by N4UXY and will be installed on his tower in Mobile.

Next week we hope to have a NSM2 node on top of a hospital in Bay Minette (North Baldwin Infirmary) and we have a Rocket and an AirMax 13 dbi omni on order for another node atop a 150 foot water tank that belongs to North Baldwin Utilities.  Also in the works are new nodes at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope and new nodes at Providence Hospital, Mobile Infirmary, and USA Medical Center in Mobile.

As new nodes become operational, I will announce them here in the forum.  Currently, all our nodes are operating on 2397 MHz (CH -2) and 10 MHz bandwidth. 


Ron N4RT
Bromley, AL

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