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Digital Certificates on Mesh

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Digital Certificates on Mesh

Hi, everyone,

We've set up a few servers (this is specifically discussing a MatterMost server though) on our mesh. The MatterMost is run on a Bitnami stack virtual machine. When our users try to go to the site, they get digital certificate errors (mainly if they try through IP Address, but also if you try to go to it by name. It redirects to the IP Address, and gives you the certificate warning.

What are people doing to get through this? Are you setting up certicates through an official CA, or are you generating your own? I've generated my own a few years ago for a linux box, but never for this (and I'll have to find the instructions again to do it).

Thanks for any help. :)

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Are you running it secured?

Are you running it secured?  If you are I'm not sure there is one.


Hello KE0RSX.  I know it has been several months since your post, but I wanted to provide some insight that may help you if you still need.  

A free SSL certificate service for well-trusted certs can be had through the certbot utility.  That would likely get you through the certificate errors.  Of course, that would be encryption - but for access over and through the commercial Internet it should get you going.

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