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Difference between Powerbeam M5-400/300 & 620

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Difference between Powerbeam M5-400/300 & 620

I was under the impression that the difference between the Powerbeam M5-400 and M5-300 (XW devices) was simply the size of the dish, but I see that there is different RC1 firmware suggested in the firmware matrix.  According to the Firmware tables, the PBE-M5-300 shoiuld load the NSLoco XW RC1 firmware where the PBE-M5-400 says Rocket XW firmware.

Aren't these the same "heads"??  If so, why the different firmware recommendation? 

While we're at it - how about the PBE-M5-620?


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The internals are a little
The internals are a little different in each of these models.   For example, the 620 has a different flash chip.  By the way, the pbe-m5-620 should be showing yellow color in the supported matrix.  I have been working with this device and actually have one up on a tower running a test build of AREDN on a P2P link.  I'm liking the price-performance of this model, it's only 2dB ERP less than a RocketDish for a lot less cost.

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PBE-M5 300/400/620
Thanks Joe,
I believe we can confirm that if you put Rocket M5XW (RC1) Firmware on a PBE-M5-300 Head - it does not work very well - if at all. Showed up as ???? on the WiFi Scan and wouldn't even connect via DTD to another local node on the switch.  2 more trips up and down the tower on that one.... Had to TFTP2 back to UBNT 5.5.10XW and reload the Nanostation Loco XW firmware on it.

I purchased 4  (M300?) heads used recently, but I haven't played with them yet.  I'll return with more info once I have had a chance to play with them.
I also agree that these are VERY impressive units with the more powerful processor, lots of memory and probably better receivers than the older Nanobridge M5 units.

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