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DHCP Address from NanoStation M5 After TFTP 3.19.3 Firmware Upload

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DHCP Address from NanoStation M5 After TFTP 3.19.3 Firmware Upload

Nanostation M5 (XW) had the stock firmware version on it.

Put the NS M5 into TFTP mode with the alternative blinking lights on it.

Downloaded Tftpd64 on the laptop and uploaded the 3.19.3 fimware on to the NS M5.  Everything seemed to work.  It rebooted and how has three green lights on the back.  Power = green
LAN1 = green
Far Right Light = green

I have it plugged into a isolated switch with a link light on the switch.

I have my computer ethernet cable plugged into that same isolated switch.

The PC does not pull a DHCP address from the M5.  It defaults to the address.  I've pulled link on the ethernet cable on both devices, nothing.  Rebooted the PC, rebooted the M5...nothing.

Any ideas on how to get the PC to obtain a DHCP address from the M5 so I can get into it and program?  

Update 1.

Update 1.

Still not able to get a DHCP address from my wired ethernet connection, but was able to connect the MESHNode5G wireless network on my laptop and the AREDN gave my PC an address of and GW

I was able to and get into the AREDN interface.

I changed the node name, changed my power and changed the password parameters, but when trying to save the config, I get the following error.

  • parameter 'DTDMAC' in file '_setup.default' does not exist

I have a MESH IP of
LAN is

When configuring my wired ethernet for, I can't ping the LAN port.

See the screen shot.


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Try hitting the "DEFAULT

Try hitting the "DEFAULT VALUES" button, then, save, reboot

Update to close the loop here

Update to close the loop here.

So I downloaded the wrong firmware to my node, as I put the prior to Nov 2017 firmware on it.  Re-flashing the correct firmware did the trick and all the nodes have linked up after re-flashing.

Still having trouble getting MeshChat on the Pi working to sync up, as I've started a new forum topic asking for help.  If you have any insight, go over there and comment so we can keep topics together.


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