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Developer Area/Forum?

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Developer Area/Forum?
Is there a preferred place for NEW developers? 
I have a lot to learn but I am interested in becoming a developer and becoming more useful/involved in this area.
​I have a lot of interest energy and ability to learn but not yet a log of sepecific experience with C and kernel/wireless/network driver programming.  
​I'm not looking for support but need some general guidance and help getting moving in the right direction. 
​I thought I'd ask here first before asking in the openwrt/LEDE developer areas.   


Steve N8LBV

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Development Forum
I suggest starting with our Development Forum. There are section for Features, Possible Bugs, Beta Testing, and Protocol Specification. I am adding a General section, so that if your comments or questions don't fit in the other 4 categories, you can post there.
Thanks very much for your interest! I hope that you will be able to contribute to the development effort.

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