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Delaware County Rollcall

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Delaware County Rollcall

Hello all,

My name is Eli KD8RBH from Delaware county Ohio, just north of Columbus. I'm our ARES digital comm AEC. I first wanted to introduce myself, hello. To give you all some of my back ground. I was a WISP owner/operator for 8 years. I have used ubiquiti gear since it first was out and attended one of there first conf back in the day. I am a relatively new ham and have a strong background in PC, servers, & networking. We have been using mesh for some time now and are in the planning stages of deploying a county wide network. We have used mesh for a number of things from runs to our most notibale was helping the Sheriffs office get network video to there comms RV. 

If I can be of any assestant to anyone please feel free to contact me my email is kd8rbh at or my cell 740-203-9013. I do work full time so please leave a vm or email response may be delayed. 



Eli (kd8rbh)


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Assistance ?

OK OM, and thanks.  Do you have any experience using 900Mhz on your meash nodes?  What type off equipment / antennas are you using,  What kind of range do you get......for starters.

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Eli, welcome!  I'm doing a

Eli, welcome!  I'm doing a write up of 6 video streams to a sheriff's command center here in Orange County, CA 2 weeks ago.  Will post to this web site soon.  We'll have to compare notes on your packaging of the nodes, etc.  

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Fraklin, Fairfield & Licking Counties


I'm glad to find another person from Ohio, especially a local county. 

I'm located in Franklin county and I also work in the Fairfield/Licking & Perry/Muskingum areas. 

I'm interested in development of a deployment strategy for these areas and that's what I'm working towards. Along, with a multi-band linked repeater system on VHF/UHF/900Mhz bands. 

Anyone interested and able to lend their knowledge and expertise, please feel free to let me know. 

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Welcome to the group Eli.

Welcome to the group Eli.

I'm certainly happy to see you here and hope to leverage your experience!  I love to get your feedback, if you have time, on the AREDN beta with 2.4Ghz channel -2 and 5Ghz bandwidth.  So far, we've seen VERY promising results with this configuration.

Also, do you have any experience with SNMP monitoring?  if so, we are instrumenting AREDN nodes with it for monitoring and measurements.


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Delaware CO

How far north in Delaware have you guys got? I am in Southern morrow county and would like to see about getting a link into the network.


Gary n8emr


Nothing yet


We have nothing to the north as yet.   We are working on getting nodes on all the 911 towers before winter, but who knows. The northernmost one is near Ashley.


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You guys get anywhere with deploying down in delaware yet?


Delaware deployment

Unfortunately no. We are still awaiting final approval from the County Commissioners. No idea when that will happen.

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Hello, name is Mike and I am in Mansfield.

According to the dates in this thread, its been a couple of years since anyone has posted. Curious if there are any nodes between me and Delaware. According to the AREDN map there is activity in Mt. Vernon but that is pretty much all I see closest to me.

I have a couple of locations in Mansfield I have access to and planning on setting up a couple of nodes just to get something started up here. If nothing else, I could set up a tunnel. Let me know your thoughts.

-- Mike WB8ERJ
Geeze! What is Mike up to now?


Is there still an active AREDN presence in Mansfield, Mike?  I see your two Ubiquiti Bullets listed on the map, but don’t know if they are still active.

I’m new to the AREDN community - new to ham in general, really.  Interested in learning what (if any) activity we have in the area.

I’m 9 miles due north of WVCM, just past the airport.  I’m an EE with some IT background.

Aaron KD8WJI

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Ohio Mesh

Hi Folks,
​I just relocated to Fremont in NW Ohio and have an Airouter HP online with tunnel capability.  For those of you who have not placed your nodes on the map, it would help all of us to have you there.  I am looking at placeing a Bullit node up soon as well.  Let's get the MESH going here in Ohio.   Thanks & 73,  Jim W8ERW

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Ohio Mesh

Good Morning From Fremont,
​Delaware is looking great.  The map is showing plenty of activity.  Let's see if we can expand Ohio and put the MESH to work.  The Findlay Hamfest coming soon in September.  Anyone going to attend?


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New Mesher in Tiffin

Welcome to Jeff, WB8REI in Tiffin, Seneca County on the map now with a Bullet  M2 HP.

Interested in AREDN
My name is John, N1CTF, located just to the south of Delaware county on 161, right across from the State EOC.
I am super interested in getting into the AREDN network.
I am trying to figure out if there is a reasonable chance of me hitting WB8CJW on 2.4 GHz, with my the node mounted on the peak of the second story roof.
If so, then I will procure the necessary gear.
Can anybody advise with the estimated coverage of WB8CJW to the south into Franklin County?
Also, I am in desperate need for an Elmer on this project. Can someone advise what the preferred equipment is?
Thank you in advance!
Delaware County mesh stations

Hi John - I coordinate the mesh efforts for ARES in Delaware County, and can help you.
It is hard to predict good paths, because they are heavily affected by trees and buildings, which are
not included in the predicted paths.  I have equipment I could loan you to try out. I could also add you to our local email list if you desire.
There is also a monthly mesh net on 2M, and a monthly breakfast meeting.


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