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Decentralized LAN Messaging over mesh?

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Decentralized LAN Messaging over mesh?

Hi all,

I had a thought that I havent seen discussed here.  At work I use a program called Softros, which is just on offline messaging and file sharing app.  It works well, and requires no server for use. It simply auto-discovers other clients on the LAN.  I am curious if anyone else uses this or a similar program over the mesh. It seems to me to be useful in a different way than MeshChat for example.  Any thoughts?

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I would like to try that. 

I would like to try that. 

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Try it out.  I have some

Try it out.  I have some reservation that the "discover on the network" may not work on the mesh because OLSR does not allow multicast (if that's their mechanism for discovery), but, it's certainly worth a try.

Also, since this is Part 97, you may want to verify that it can work over a non-encrypted connection (over the mesh).


K6BFG has some detail about how the discovery occurs. Perhaps someone more savvy than myself can take a look?

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This program has the ability

This program has the ability to enter in the IP address of another instance of softros.   It is possible, that the following senario could work:

1) a user installing softros would add a mesh service advertisement -- to announce their instance of softros.
2) a program or script is written to pull the list of mesh advertised instances of softros, then updates the softros config file as if manually entering each instance.

By default, sofrtos would not find any other instance to communicate with.


Have you tried Matrix ???

Have you tried matrix?
It is based on XMPP, can be decentralized, allows federation between servers and its best-known client RIOT is cross-platform and web


Looks like Matrix uses end to end encryption. Encryption is not allowed for hams in the U.S.


Same here in Spain, encryption is not allowed.
I'll try to find any other software that supports federations between servers.


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