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I took my M2 Rocket w/ 120° sector antenna, and NanoBridge M5 up to the East side of Bountiful just north of the "B".  I was able to "see" several 2 Ghz nodes. including the two omni bullets that are behind my garage and a row of pine trees, but could not see any 5 Ghz nodes.  I tried pointing towards Antelope Island and to the North, as well as South West towards SLC and Farnsworth Peak.  Nothing either Mesh or WiFi scan.  The NBM5 is on channel 182, 23 mwatts, and SSID=AREDN.  I did the download from the web site on Saturday, so i think it is up to date. 
​  Any suggestions?
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Try different bandwidth
Try different bandwidth settings.
A "WiFi Scan" only scans at the currently selected bandwidth setting.
I will do that.  Once the
I will do that.  Once the snow stops.
What a difference that made. 

What a difference that made.  I changed the bandwidth and now it sees things.  Thank-you.

July 14 Discussion group-Davis Co
The Davis Co Amateur Radio Club and Davis Co ARES will be hosting a get together this Saturday July 14th at the Davis Co Sheriffs Office training room.  The gathering will start around 08:30 and last for about an hour.  Purpose is to discuss coordinating eforts in Davis Co.  Doughnuts will be available.
Having a tough time
Having a tough time connecting from west valley using my microtik lhg 5xl. Im on ch 182 and using AREDN ssid. Any suggestions? Mostly I've been pointing north towards airport or NW towards antelope island. Not sure i trust what is on ardenmesh.orgs's map.
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make sure that you check the
make sure that you check the "last updated" timestamp on the map.   It is up to the individual operator to keep it up to date if they make changes....

Do you handle AREDN for Davis County ARC, or would that be someone else in the MESH committee? I am a member of Ogden ARC and I'm interested in getting AREDN up here.

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