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DARC AREDN Workshop by Dirk DM7DS

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DARC AREDN Workshop by Dirk DM7DS

Dirk Schelhasse DM7DS conducted an AREDN workshop for beginners at a recent emergency communications conference organized by the DARC (the German equivalent of the ARRL).

The video of his talk is available here:

This is one of the most useful and intelligent introductions to AREDN I have seen. Dirk does a great job focusing on the needs of served agencies and communities and outlines typical and realistic use cases for field deployments during disasters. 

The use cases he outlines are very close to how we have actually been employing AREDN at ARES LAX Northeast, most recently at ShakeOut 2019 and AC100.

Dirk's talk is very informative and I highly recommend it!

Oliver K6OLI

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do you do closed captioning?
Ich spreche kein deutsch ;>)

thanks for the link. Arden is comming to Germany I will attend a course on January. Hopefully we get also a great network running here in Europe!

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