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Daisy Chaining NS M2/M5 XW devices using Secondary Port Issue

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Daisy Chaining NS M2/M5 XW devices using Secondary Port Issue
While we had over 100 mesh nodes testing out the nightly builds prior to release, there is a missing change in for Nanostation M2/M5 XW devices in the ath79 nanostion-m-xw images we didn't catch.    Please be aware that the following usage of (and only affects) NanoStation XW devices will not work as expected (daisy-chain with POE pass though):

 hAP ac lite port 5 -> main port - NSM5 XW - secondary port -> main port - NSM3 (or any other mesh node)

The hAP ac lite will not be able to communicate to the NSM3 or beyond.   Also, LAN devices split on main and secondary ports of the NS XW will not be able to communicate with one another as expected.  Note, if you have this example scenario, just swap the NSM3 XM to be in the middle of the daisy-chain.

For now the change will be applied in a nightly build and suggests we will have a release sooner then expected :) . 

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daisy chain nano XW fix
This change is applied and in the nightly build image for this issue.   look for it in a patch release.
Daisy Chaining NS M5 XW devices using Secondary Port Issue
I cannot get any POE power, and probably not signal, to a second Nanostation M5 daisy-chained to the secondary of the first.  Both work independently but not when connected from Secondary to Main on the second. I plan to have three daisy-chained to get 360-degree coverage. Using build: aredn-
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POE passthrough
Art, POE Passthrough is not enabled by default in the AREDN code. Turn it on in the Advanced Configuration page.

Make sure you have all of them on separate channels; otherwise they'll deafen each other.
Also recommend updating them all to the latest nightly build; they have lots of little fixes and updates that are all worthwhile additions

Orv W6BI
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I cannot get any POE power
Did you enable POE passthrough in Advanced configuration?

According to nsm_ds_web.pdf, the azimuth beamwidth of a NS-M5 is 60 degree at -5 dB.
Thus, 3 NS-M5s will return 180 degree coverage.
I had a 3 daisy-chain of Ubiquiti devices fail. 2 NS-M5-XMs then Bullet M2.
Best is 3 ethernet runs, 3 POEs, and a simple ethernet switch for the LAN ports.
I have several multiple devices powered and linked using a Ubiquiti N-SW,
up to 3 devices powered and DtD'ed with 1 ethernet run.
Up to 6 devices with 2 ethernet runs and 2 N-SWs and POE LAN ports connected.

73, Chuck

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Or, if you are on a recent
Or, if you are on a recent nightly, it will look like this...
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