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CPE510: Separate WAN and LAN port

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CPE510: Separate WAN and LAN port
just installed my first AREDN node on a CPE510.
I got LAN on both ethernet interfaces untagged (and as I understand the documentation, didn't test, WAN on both interfaces tagged as VLAN 1).
Is there a way to get LAN untagged on one of the interfaces and WAN untagged on the other?
Thanks in advance.
73 Christian DB9CR
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Not out-of-box currently
Changing the WAN from vlan '1' to another number is supported on the Advanced Configuration page in setup.  However, to change the ports on this device to have WAN-notag and LAN-notag on the 2 ports can't be done without updates to the firmware image.  Several 2-port devices have a firmware hack to turn the switch-chip on the motherboard into a dumb switch and linux is not configured to know about there is a 2-port switch -- linux thinks there's only one Ethernet interface.   If we undid this firmware hack, then there wouldn't be a way to configure the default port handling as it is currently configured. 

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