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CPE 710 nightly build

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CPE 710 nightly build
I read something on the forum that the CPE710 was now supported in the nightly builds?

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CPE710 was now supported in the nightly builds?
Hi, Leonard:
Extrapolating that question into:
"How do I find the factory or sysupgrade Nightly Build files for the CPE710?"
From where you are reading this reply;
Hover over SOFTWARE' and click NIGHTLY BUILD
Click "AREDN Firmware Selector (AFS) Tool here"
Select: 2238ee3fa7f from the drop down list (or the current nightly if tomorrow or later)
Type: TP-LINK 7
Click TP-LINK CPE710 v2
Download the FACTORY or SYSUPGRADE file as appropriate.
I hope this helps,
Yes the TP Link CPE710 V1 is
Yes the TP Link CPE710 V1 is now in the nightly builds but has not been extensively tested
The file name is too long
Dear all.just got an CPE710, Pharos works without a problem, i do have access to the gui of the cpe710, but after trying to load the AREDN Firmware Nightly Builds
Model:TP-Link CPE710 v1 /Version:2316-214a933 (r20028-43d71ad93e) from2023-02-13 09:33:43 the system does not accept the factory file  and display  the error: "the file name is too long". I tried to shorten the filename from the aredn file it did not work. Any sugestions ?
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Try renaming the file to
Try renaming the file to firmware.bin
Hi there, tried this as well, it started but suddendly a pop up with (operation failed) showed up. Just to make sure: The file which has to be send into the CPE 710 is the factory one and not the sysupgrad one? With the sysupgrad file renamend in firmware.bin there is no error message but it went to a kind of loop restarting the upload again and again. I do reset the node each time before i tried to load the aredn files. 

Thanks for your always great work, Alex
Yes. The initial load needs
Yes. The initial load needs to be the factory image. Another way to try if it keeps failing is to rename it to recovery.bin and use the tftp method documented in the aredn documents. However it should work fine using the method you tried. Is there a switch between your computer and the CPE710? Also does the progress bar go to 100% or does it fail before that?
Ok thanks for your information.There is no switch between the CPE710 and the PC. The progressbar does not reach the end, after approx one third the error message appears. Will try the tftp method, I let you know. Regards Alex
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Note that having a dumb
Note that having a dumb switch between the computer and node is for the benefit of your PC, not the node.  It keeps the LAN connection up on the PC so as the node reboots a couple times, the PC is not losing it's mind about the LAN coming and going.
That seems to indicate some
That seems to indicate some sort of a network issue between the node and your computer. A switch may be a good idea to try as the computer may be losing the IP you set on the port. Also wait until the node has been running for a few minutes before trying the update as some of the background process take a while to be fully functional.
Hello. Tried  with dump switch in between. Files renamed to firmware. bin and was tested now with the switch. I took as well another PC with a different network adapter. The update starts and the processbar goes to the right end, but once it reached the end it starts again and again. Did another reset and tried again. This time the upload starts but the error message appeared Operation failed. Will try the tfpd mode on weekend. I let you know. vy 73 HB9FND
Are you using a linux system
Are you using a linux system or Windows. I found that on my linux system without a dumb switch it would loose the ip I assigned to the nic on the PC every so often causing an issue loading the firmware. The progress bar should go to 100% twice. The first time for the upload and the second time while it reboots and installs the firmware. Once it reboots it will take a few minutes before the firmware is fully installed and it becomes visable on the pc
Using Windows here
Hi. Currently i do have only Windows PC. Once the process started it seems that the node will not be touched. The 3 blue led remains on without any action. I will try to do the tftp thing this weekend. May be this works. I found a guide line on the web for windows. Will have a try. 
Here is a link to the
Finally success
Was able to put the AREDN NB for the CPE-710 into the device with the TFTP Mode. A CPE-710 new out of the BOX or a device  after  a reset seemed not to work with tftp. So i did the regular config with Pharos and was setting a new password and the region. Then power off the device and started the tftp process. Thanks to KK4ZUZ for his great support :-).  Device is on the roof for testing. 

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