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Coverage Patterns for Central Ohio

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Coverage Patterns for Central Ohio

I am new to AREDN, and would like to install a node at my residence.

Is there any information regarding the coverage patterns of the various existing nodes?
I am on Maplebrook Lane in Columbus, near the State EOC on SR161.
The nearest nodes are WB8CJW, 2.8 miles to my north, and KD8ACU, 4.8 miles to my SSW.
The map says that KD8ACU is using a Ubiquity NanoStation, which appears to be equipped with a 55 degree beam width antenna.
Also, WB8CJW is using a Ubiquity Bullet, but the antenna is not specified.
Power, height and gain are not specified, so I can not run a coverage analysis, however, Google Maps shows no obstructions in the terrain profile.
I would like to get an idea of if I may be able to connect if I procure the equipment and install it on the second story roof of my residence.

Is there any advice that can be provided as to the probability of a connection.
Also, any advice on equipment recommendations would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

John, N1CTF

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