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Configurating VLAN on Tenda Switch

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Configurating VLAN on Tenda Switch
Hello, i have a Tenda Switch and i am trying to set it up with a PowerBeam M5 400 Ubiquity Antenna with AREDN firmware.

I have one port of my router connected to the Port 8 of the SWITCH and Port 8 is in VLAN 1 (this is for the WAN) TAGGED.
and i am using the Port 1 of the switch to connect the anntena and  configured this port to VLAN1 and 2 and TAGGED.

The problem is that the antenna is getting IP on the WAN and i can reach the switch on but unable to reach the antenna on

In order to be able to reach the antenna i need the remove the TAGGING from both ports but the antenna continue with internet access. 

This are my VLAN Settings on Tenda Switch TEF1210P-8-150W (802.1Q)

i make it work just Setting
i make it work just Setting Port 8 as Remove TAG

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