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Config Setting aredn.@poe[0].passthrough - Checkbox Value

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Config Setting aredn.@poe[0].passthrough - Checkbox Value

I recently established DtD linking between an NSM2 and NSM5. When enabling POE pass through on the advanced settings page of the NSM2, I learned the empty checkbox labeled "OFF" must be checked (and the change saved) to enabled pass through. This seems rather counterintuitive to me, and maybe it would to others also setting up DtD for the first time. As it is presented now, I assume the thought is that checking this box turns off an inhibition of the pass through capability.

In any event, would it perhaps be preferable in later versions of the firmware to instead label this checkbox with "ON"?

Ken - AE8I
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I agree - rename please.

I totally agree. I've had 3-4 guys call me and ask how to turn on the PoE passthrough specifically because the current language is not obvious.
How about the language look like this with a check block next to it:
Enable PoE Pass-through.
If the box is checked it is turned on.

-Damon K9CQB

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poe[0].passthrough - Checkbox Value - Radio buttons?

Could something like:

[input type="radio" name="poe-pass-thru" value="off" checked] Off[br]
[input type="radio" name="poe-pass-thru" value="on"] On[br]

be used?

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I think that would work.

Chuck, that seems very clear to me. I'm not sure if I'm a good measure to have enough of an opinion - but it makes perfect sense to me and is very clear.

-Damon K9CQB

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