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Complete reinstallation

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Complete reinstallation

Hello all,

I managed to brick my TP-Link CPE210 today but was able to recover using the tftp boot instructions to install the factory firmware. My next step was to reinstall the latest Arden firmware which went ok. Upon booting into the Arden firmware I saw that some of my prior settings were still there but some were missing. Now I cannot get any settings to apply and none of the subnets are coming up on reboot. Also the OLSR daemon is not starting.

Any suggestions on how I can do a complete reinstallation and get back to a working mesh node?

Steve - N4TQU

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Steve,  can you confirm the

Steve,  can you confirm the sequence of events?:

1) tftp'd the factory image to the device -- this was   
2) configured it with call sign, etc. and saved settings -- it rebooted and worked as expected?
3) sysupgrade attempt to currently nightly build?  

the devices is still running the image and thinks it's in first boot state.   a couple options:

1) hold the reset button for ~15sec to clear settings back to firstboot, ensure no remanent settings exist.  this is
2) tftp the nightly build and configure.


1) hold reset button

Not quite, here is my

Not quite, here is my sequence:
1) took out of box and booted up
2) installed
3) got everything working
4) tried installing tcpdump-mini package which broke package listing
5) managed to brick the system by installing sysupgrade image
6) recovered by installing TP-Link factory firmware
7) installed image again
8) now in this quasi-working state

I did try manually running the firstboot command and rebooting, still remain in this semi broken state.



I've re-run the firstboot

I've re-run the firstboot command and verified that the overlay was indeed erased. This time on reboot there were no previous settings visible. Re-applying my configuration has worked and my node is functional again.

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