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Commercial Installation Hardware

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Commercial Installation Hardware

I'm planning a large installation this Saturday on two commercial towers here in Southern California.  In the planning process I didn't know where to turn for mounting accessories for these large-legged beasts.

... so I thought I'd share a few sites I've found.

Anyone want to add their sources for this hardware?

Andre, K6AH


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try these
I use these:

This is so you can mount a pole offset to the tower. Unless you mount on the horizontal you've got to deal with the slant. You can find these at hamfests sometimes, usually connected to a DB420 UHF antenna. Online they go for around $60, and then you'll need a small section of mast/pole to connect to the other side of the mount.

It's great that you get to play around this stuff....much different than the typical ham tower!
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tower mounts

The big boys use this stuff

looking at the web site it would seem that Talley is a distributor out your way

Back east here I have bought stuff from Tessco - they carry Rohn and Commscope among others|Tower+Mounts


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I respectfully disagree. The
I respectfully disagree. The big boys use Andrew. 

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