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Command Line code updates?

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Command Line code updates?

In six months or so, I see me managing up to a couple dozen nodes.  It would be tedious updating all of those via the GUI.

Is there any mechanism in place to do that via command line so it can be done programmatically?   scp & reboot, or something?   tftp?


The code around that is in

The code around that is in the GUI you can look it up in the source repo if you want (I can say its in flux right now as part of OTA being added) however the official method at the moment is via the GUI with I imagine plans to add better system management as the project continues to move along.

The code could change over time as well which means you would need to make sure to check what version your on and program the scenario for each. Many scripting languages can automate an HTTP upload which may be easier to work with and less dependent on keeping up with any code changes.

Careful with SCP if it goes over the RF as it uses ssh which obfuscates the transmission.


You may not even need a scripting language, if you have a *nix box, or if you install CURL for windows   the curl program supports uploading form data and binary files you could pass it your login details, the url to the node, and a little bit of form submission detail and it will take care of the rest.

SSH None

> Careful with SCP if it goes over the RF as it uses ssh which obfuscates the transmission.

For those that consider this truly part 97 - a worthy project would be to bring the None Encryption back to the embedded SSH to allow operating with authentication but not obfuscation.


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