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Cloning an hAP? or another solution?

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Cloning an hAP? or another solution?
I have a home mesh equipment set up that I'm pretty happy with. It needs to be physically cleaned up a bit, which I'll do as soon as some new cases arrive for the microcomputers.

One thing I'd like to do to "harden" the cluster is to set it as much of it up as possible in something like a go-box. One piece of equipment, a roughly 70 pound server, is not practical to make portable. I'd like to keep that server accessible, for this reason, rather than taking my main hAP node that all the microcomputers and the server are connected to and putting it in the portable kit, I'd like to "clone" it and have a duplicate hAP in the go-box, so that taking the equipment on the road is simply a matter of unplugging the smaller devices from one hAP and plugging them into the other.

If I unplug the microcomputers from the hAP, and plug them into the new one, they'll all get new LAN addresses. That will mess up some of the services, which require that they be accessed from the "right" path. I could probably configure the devices to work with both LAN addresses, but I'd rather find a solution that is transparent to the the downstream devices. Any thoughts? I made a separate post about a device, RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN, that might solve the whole issue by simply serving as my main hub node, then the downstream services would have the same IP address regardless of what other node they connected to.

I'm interested in other solutions for this, please let me know what you think.
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services would have the same IP address regardless
With 'Domain Name Service', the new IP address will discovered/discoverable when the services are plugged into the new DHCP server.
Can you adapt your network services to be dynamic instead of static?
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Some of them, yes, others I'm
Some of them, yes, others I'm not sure. I think MeshChat would be plug and play. The NextCloud server would need the new IP address added to the allowed domain list, though it would be plug and play from the mesh as long as the hostname was used. For the email server, I think only one address can be used at a time, though I'd have to double check.

I have all the services connected to my main node right now, with addresses reserved for their use. 
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If more LAN ports will solve
If more LAN ports will solve the problem, it would be an option to add a dumb hub with a lot more ports.  Just plug this dumb switch into one of the LAN ports and increase the IP Address space for the node's LAN in basic setup (which will change the IP range given another larger subnet allocated).    Could also use the LAN AP wifi to get a lot more clients. 


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