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Citadel email test needed

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Citadel email test needed

Could someone who can see me on the mesh and has a mesh email address send a test email to me at my Citadel mail server?
It's listed as a service under KM6SLF-hAP-148

Please send a mesh-email to:

You're welcome to try and sign up, too. Please let me know here if there are are any issues with the sign up or if you get a failure notification on the test email.

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Sent an email - hasn't bounced yet.

Orv W6BI
Simi Valley, CA

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Thanks - received but reply bounced back...

I received test emails from you, W6BI, and K6CCC, but my reply messages bounced back due to an improper sender syntax issue. I made some tweaks, rebooted and tried again, and it looks like it may have worked. When you get a chance, would you confirm that you received my outgoing reply messages? You can let me know here or with another email - Thank you both for the help!

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It worked

Your second reply worked.

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Thanks! I think I'm going to

Thanks! I think I'm going to look into a push notification function that Citadel seems to be designed to work with.

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