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changing the background color of the day mode of the AREDN web pages

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changing the background color of the day mode of the AREDN web pages

I've changed the background color of the web pages of my AREDN nodes.  Purpose of this is to make it easier to tell which node I'm looking at at a glance. I also made the visited links show as a dark red color, and a lighter red color of an unvisited link.  The AREDN default was to keep both these blue. Now I can tell where I've been. 

The color values for "background" here yield a light green color.  You could use html color names. 

Below are the first few lines of the file  /www/aredn.css   I used SmarTTY and vi to edit the file /www/aredn.css as below:

root@WA2ISE-NJ:~# cat /www/aredn.css
body      { font-family:Verdana; background:rgb(147,233,168); color:black }
a:link    { background:rgb(147,233,168); color:rgb(190,30,44) }
a:visited { background:rgb(147,233,168); color:rgb(100,30,44) }
a:active  { background:rgb(147,233,168); color:rgb(100,30,44) }
h1 { font-family:Verdana; color:rgb(190,30,44); text-shadow: -1px 0 black,
0 1px black, 1px 0 black, 0 -1px black }

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as an alternative to

as an alternative to modifying the AREDN provided css, you can copy and add your own css files to /www.
they will appear in the "select a theme" selector...


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