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Change a LAN Port to a second DtDlink Port

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Change a LAN Port to a second DtDlink Port

How do you change a LAN port to a second DtDlink Port on a Mikrotik hAP AC lite (RB952Ui-5ac2nD).

I would like to connect a Ubiquiti Rocket-M3 and a MikroTek LHG XL 2 (RBLHG-2nD-XL) to a Mikrotik hAP AC lite.

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Network switch is your friend
Connect a simple network switch to the hAP port 5 and then however many DtD connections that you want to the switch.  Note that you do lose the ability to use the hAP to power the DtD node if going this route.
Also note that although the DtD connection uses VLAN 2, MOST dumb switches will pass the VLAN traffic un-altered.  Here is the one that I am using for the purpose:

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hAP with multiple DtD ports

That would be cool!
Trade a LAN port for a DtD port.
What about switch sites without the WAN port for another DtD port.

73, Chuck


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