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Hey folks, I am a bit confused about what chain means on my rocket m2. Is it similar to the linkys routers where you can have a omni antenna and a directional antenna?
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Most of the Ubiquiti equipment has two radio transceivers in each unit. With the right antenna (usually a cross-polarized pair) each chain can send a separate stream of data to its partner, to be combined for faster throughput.  This is called MIMO operation and is different than the Linksys - which has one transceiver with an antenna switch.  In order to realize the benefit from MIMO operation the two antennas have to be independent of each other (usually by being cross polarized with high isolation between the two - 20 dB or more).

Although not intended by Ubiquiti, I found you can connect the chains to different antennas, pointing in different directions, to handle a situation where only single-polarity stations are involved. That would be a non-standard arrangement.


Thank You
That clears it up for me, so it is a speed advantage makes sense to me. I was wondering because I bought a used rocket M2 and have a bbq antenna which I was using on my Linksys routers. I was wondering if I could use the bbq and a omni directional antenna which you also cleared up for me.

Thank you

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