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Ch -2 vs CH -1

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Ch -2 vs CH -1

Which will yield the best throughput, CH -2 at 10MHz with no interference from part 15 devices or CH -1 at 20MHz which will overlap CH 1 and CH 2 with the potential for interference from these channels? That's probably a hard question to answer since there will be situations of little to no interference from CH 1 and CH 2 to a lot of interference from these channels. I get this question a lot and I imagine that since this is conditioned on the environment of a particular node the only way to really answer it is to run tests on a node and then make the decision on which channel to use.



W7REJ, Pima County, AZ


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It depends

Hi Bob -

Like you stated, it really depends. So far I've found that a nice clear channel even at a lower bandwidth yields more effective throughput than a semi-busy channel with a wider bandwidth. You'll have to test this at your specific locations and see what works best. In general, I'd go with clear channels first and work out from there.

73, Mike KG9DW

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