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can't install tunnel client on 2021-2-20 nightly build

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can't install tunnel client on 2021-2-20 nightly build

Tunnel client was working fine on my hAP.  Disabled the tunnel client to update to latest 2021-2-20 nightly build and now the tunnel client software won't reinstall.  Any ideas or hints?
73, Ian N8IK

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install tunnel client on 2021-2-20 nightly build

Hi, Ian:

I recently installed Nightly Build 112 and tunnel client to GL-iNets AR750 and AR300M, and to Miikrotik RB952 (hAP).

I am plagued by these devices appearing as IP address only! Old issue. :-|

I will be installing NB112 to more devices tomorrow and will attempt to load tunnel clients onto them for a test.
(Mikrotiks SXTsq and LHG and a Ubiquiti M5 XM)

Your device (hAP) does have an internet connection. Yes?



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Worked for me.

Tunnel install on Nightly 112 worked on all five of my devices that get that package - including two hAPs.

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go into Advanced Config and

go into Advanced Config and "reset to default" then "save" each of the download path options.  ie.  firmware, core, base, packages, etc...

Unfortunately defaulting the

Unfortunately defaulting the paths didn't do it.  I am wired to the home router via the hAP WAN port.

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126 is the latest nightly.  

126 is the latest nightly.   you need to install it, then, the tunnel packages should install.  

Build 126 fixed the tunnel issue

Running build 126 now and all is well.  Thanks!

Also having problems installing the tunnel client

I have a the HAP-ac router. The tunnel has been working great for a long time (over a year) until I tried to install the 2021-02-24 nightly build. (aredn-138-7c6c1e4-ar71xx-mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M-ac-sysupgrade.bin) As many others have reported I try to load the tunnel package and the load fails!  I went to advanced options and did a reset but still no joy. Any ideas?
Thanks es 73 de AB6UI

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until I tried to install the 2021-02-24 nightly build


 Are you moving from a 'Stable' to a 'Nightly Build' ?

If you succeeded in installing the Nightly Build 138 (2021-02-24), then check
Setup -> Advanced Configuration
and see if the 'Values' start with
and not something like
If the values look like
then in each package: click 'Set to Default' then 'Save Setting'.

 If you did not succeed,
then you likely do not have the current Nightly Build and cannot load new packages into an earlier Nightly Build.

I hope this helps,


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See link

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