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Cant commit changes

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Cant commit changes


I have just flashed both a powerbridge M5 and an AR150 with the nightly build and neither of them allow me to setup the node.

When I hit save changes, the browser says connection was reset

Any suggestions?


Actually, the power ridge was

Actually, the powerbridge was the stable build. 


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Can you give us a little more

Can you give us a little more? Factory units or are they system updates. Did you TFTP and so on. We all are happy to help.

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after initially loading AREDN

after initially loading AREDN.   Did you unplug/replug the ethernet cable from your computer?  if not, try it.   AND restart your browser

They have both been powered

They have both been powered off, unplugged, laptop rebooted, different browsers tried.   No difference. 

the powerbridge was the factory stable image written over the stock ubiquiti that was old enough to not need GDPR. The ar150 was the nightly build over the default openwrt as it's new. 

never had an issue before and suddenly seeing this. 

a little odd :-)

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I remember this happening to

I remember this happening to me once before. Check and see if you have the save settings checked on the admin page. I don't remember if it was checked or not but if it is, uncheck it and if not check it and you may need to flash it again. Hope it helps.

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