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Cannot reach remote nodes across the tunnel

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Cannot reach remote nodes across the tunnel

I know this is off-topic for AREDN, but, wanted to throw it out there for Linksys users using my tunnel client....

A defect in the hotplug subsystem on Linksys hardware will cause errors when trying to connect to nodes across the tunnel.
The workaround is to insert the line below IN BOLD into the following file:   /etc/hotplug.d/net/13-vtun

====================== TOP OF THE FILE ==============

# Handles setting up rules for tunnel interfaces               
#echo "Interface is $INTERFACE $ACTION" >> /tmp/vtundscript.log

case "$INTERFACE" in


===== REMAINDER OF THE FILE =========


Without this line, the firewall rules are not executing properly.


Thanks as always

Thanks for the info. I can make more cool things happen acroos the backbone now.

73 de mike

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For clarification, should

For clarification, should this patch be applied to the client node, the server node, or both?


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generally, any Linksys node

generally, any Linksys node with tunnel server or client on it.

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Thanks. I'm still having

Thanks. I'm still having problems accessing nodes across a tunnel, but I'll take it up in the other forum.


Check the Files again

I was having the same problem even after I added the line to the configuration file. Upon going back into the file I realized when I was using VI I hit the the delete button while the E in echo was highlighted. VI will capitalize the letter and or word. So after fixing this and putting a lower case "e" in it fixed the issue. 

Good for practicing and experimenting with, but ultimately this proves it is time to move the main nodes to better hardware. 

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Have your computer on the LAN

This being an old thread, you probably resolved the issue.  But I had a similar problem, and the workaround suggested to me:

Set the LAN of your mesh router to something like (I used what the firmware suggested) and enable the DHCP server on it.  Set the WAN to an address that will talk to your main router that connects to your ISP (like your cable modem), something like

Plug a computer into one of the LAN ethernet jacks.  The WAN jack connects to your cable modem via your main router.  Boot the computer, or do the cmd: command ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew, so the computer gets an IP address from the above LAN. Wait a while while the tunnels connect up.  Then I found I could connect to "OSLR status" and to various nodes I'm connect to.  I'm running version 3.1.0 on a Linksys WRT54GS router. 

Old but still useful and needed

I see this topic is over 4 years old.  I still use Linksys around the house and when I do club presentations.
I found that the client node I was using already had the echo line in the file, but the server node did not have it.  I put it in and things started working right.
Thanks, Daryl.
Gary   AC7R

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