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Cannot delete clients from server

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Cannot delete clients from server

Apologies if I missed this somewhere...
NanoStation on

I have had a lot of trouble getting a tunnel server up on this node. First, vtund wouldn't start, a problem with vtundsvr.conf - a bad client section.
Hacked at that for a while and got vtund to start from the command line, but it kept refusing client access.
Then I tried deleting the clients to re-add them and find there is no means to do that. Once a client has been created, there is no "del" option.  Just an email icon for sending the config.  So, I tried removing the vtun package and just starting over, removing everything from /tmp/vtun in the process. Alas, I must have missed a config somewhere because it just pops right back after reloading the vtun package.

BTW, now when I do ps|grep tun  all I see is:
 2049 root      1012 R    /sbin/modprobe -q -- netdev-tun50

and not vtund


Got it working, but I am not

Got it working, but I am not really sure what it was I did that fixed it.

Also, I still don't see how I am supposed to delete a tunnel client from the tunnel server config page.

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delete a tunnel client from the tunnel server config page

Just a wild guess.
If the device is a local node,
perhaps a 5 or 15 second 'Failsafe' reboot with 'Keep settings' unchecked.
See 'Help' on /cgi-bin/status screen.

Could work... Unfortunately,

Could work... Unfortunately, in my case they are not local...  6662 km... from my closest neighbor.

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on the tunnel server page,

on the tunnel server page, you simply clear out the values for the row that you don't want.   There is no "delete"

No joy with that...

No joy with that...

The password must contain at least one alphabetic character (#1)
A client name is required
A client password is required
Configuration NOT saved!


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ah. i forgot about the

ah. i forgot about the validation stuff.  there is no way to do it in the web gui.  As a workaround, you can simply disable any rows that you do not want active.
You can add an enhancement request as an issue in github if you'd regarding this.


Enhancement request added.

Enhancement request added.

Which file(s)would I need to edit to do this from the shell?

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it's really not designed to

it's really not designed to do that at the moment.  You can delete the last "config client 'client_9'" section from /etc/config/vtun but that's about it.  ALL the network numbers are positional, so, if you delete anything in the middle of the list, then all network IP's will be INCORRECT.

Workaround: You can put an 'x' (or any character) for the nodename, an 'x' (or any non-number) for the password, uncheck the ENABLED box, and SAVE.   It will have the effect to removing the client configuration for a slot.

It's not optimal, but, it's doable.

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Unused Tunnel Client Positions

A "best practice" that I have developed for unused client positions on our Tunnel nodes is to simply name it "SpareX" where X=position in the list (1-10) and uncheck the box on the left to prevent it from activating.  Of course remember to "save" after you make any changes in the fields and verify that you get a confirmation of the "save".


While that is a decent work

While that is a decent work-around, it is really not a best practice. A best practice would be to not have to have a work-around in the first place.

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