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Camera: Solution for ethernet but no POE

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Camera: Solution for ethernet but no POE
My Reolink RLC-510A does not support POE.
Instead it uses a barrel connector for its 12 vdc.
I used this adapter add POE capability:

73, Chuck

Hi Chuck,
Hi Chuck,

I've had fun using an existing 24V POE feed that used to power an AREDN node to run a camera that needs 12V.  I stuffed into the camera mounting box a 24V to 12V converter, then used a POE injector in reverse to input the 24V to the converter, then put the output of the converter 12V back into the power input cable for the camera.  These passive POE injectors are great, as they are both power injectors and power extractors ... depending how you use them.  Just use an ethernet F/F coupler to marry the two ethernet plug ends together for the data wires and voilla!


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