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Cable modem trouble traced to corner F connector, tunnels affected

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Cable modem trouble traced to corner F connector, tunnels affected

I had recurring trouble with my Optimum cablemodem.  Connections going down.  TV settop boxes were working fine.  After the third cablemodem swapout (a 10 mile trip to the cable TV company shop) the customer service guy said it must be a bad cable.  Okay, I know how to track that down.  Cablemodem connects fine on the cable off the street.  Now lets check the splitter port, also fine.  Changed out the old cable that fed the cablemodem.  I had been using a corner male-female F connector to avoid a sharp bend in the cable coax.  Years before I had similar trouble with those.  Lesson learned...  Also $80 cable guy fee avoided.

I found out you can see the signal strngths and frequencies and SNR ratios by going to  on my PC to get to the Arris cablemodem my cable company provides.  No user or passwords.  There's 24 6MHz downstream channels 609 to 724MHz (which I'm probably sharing with the neighbors in the neighborhood) and I am now seeing 38.9dB SNR (which I'm told is good) and 4 upstream channels 14 to 41MHz at power levels around 46.25 dBmV, which also I'm told is good. 

Reason I'm talking about this is that my tunnels pass thru this cablemodem.  One more thing to look at when managing your network. 

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