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Cab I replacing a Bullet-GS108 with an AirRouterHP ???

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Cab I replacing a Bullet-GS108 with an AirRouterHP ???
Hey, hope this lands in the right forum.

I've currently got a setup with a bullet mounted on my roof, running into a configured GS-108 switch.  My bullet seems to be very inconsistent - resetting and not staying on the air, etc.  Unfortunately there isn't much chance I can get to the bullet to service it.

My GS-108 is programmed up with 1 Node port, 5 LAN ports and 2 WAN ports.

Could I substitute an AirRouterHP, which I already have, for the bullet, and if so how would I connect it up and not cause a network loop?

Or, am I better off just getting my hands on another bullet?

And, is there a way to download and store all my tunnel connections and DHCP reservations, or am I going to have to manually re-enter all of them?

Thanks for your help!

Scott, KB5ZVP
If I understood correctly,
If I understood correctly, you currently have:
BULLET---->GS-108------>ISP??? And you are running the tunnel on the bullet?
I was having similar issues when I first set mine up that way.

Everything started running perfectly after I got an Air router and dedicated it as my "mesh gateway" device, including the tunnel duties.
So now it looks like this:
BULLET(on tower) ---->DTD-link----> AirRouter(tunnel client plus advertised services) ----> ISP
You can also link the devices on the RF side, but DtD should work better.

BTW, I saw your HH node on the AREDN map, but not over the air. Is that the node you are having issues with?

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